Voodoo L2 Energy Damage missing?

Not sure if this is a game-wide problem, or just me, but Voodoo's L2 (even combo with at least 1 Loa) isn't triggering energy damage on his hits like normal. I noticed it during war this morning, and I just did Trial of the Infinite without it triggering once. At first I thought it was that he got nerfed with the new update, but it's still there in his abilities. Anyone know anything about this?


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    edited February 2018
    I think you're right. Someone in my alliance pointed it out to me and showed a clip. There was no energy damage added to the normal attacks after the sp2. The power burn was happening so it wasn't simply a case of mistaking it with power drain. Seems broken, yup. What say you KABAM?
  • They probably broke it in their attempt to fix The energy damage triggering willpower
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  • BosleyBosley Posts: 119
    Can we get some acknowledgement that this is being looked at KABAM?
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    Confirmed in uncollected quest against multiple opponents...extra damage from power burn being converted to energy damage not being done.
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    cool video dude i like it
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