Who should I rank up for Act 5, 100% Act 4, Master events and Challanges

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Hey everyone,

I have started new account in December 2017 and did pretty well so far but I'm stuck at Act 5 Ch 1. So i need your help fellas. I'd like to focus on 100% exploring Act 4, trying with Act 5, 100% exploring Master event quests without using any revives and future challanges such as Michael B. Jordan's. I don't have problem with AQ/AW because of low tier (18) and low prestige of my alliance

My progress in the game:
  • Act 3 (100%)
  • Act 4 (finished)
  • Act 5.1.1 (finished)
  • RTTL (Ch3 finished)
  • Rise of Black Panther (100% Heroic and Master)
  • Michael B. Jordan's Challenge (finished)

My masteries:
Precision 5/5, Cruelty 5/5, Glass Cannon 1/3, Parry 3/3, Dexterity 1/3, Stupedy 3/3, Petrify 3/3, Pacify 3/3, Deep Wounds 1/5. I'd like to put 1 point into Assassin and maxed it or DW at first.

AQ/AW attack team:
  • 4* R4 unduped: Gwenpool, Ghost Rider, Red Hulk

AW deffense:
  • 4* R4: Punisher 2099 (sig 26), Nebula (sig 20)
  • 4* R3: Mephisto (sig 20), Wolverine
  • 5* R2: Rogue

Who should I rank up?
  • 4* Mephisto R3 > R4: because I duped him yesterday and have got a lot of mystic ISOs. I'm just waiting for 1 mystic t3cc. He can be useful in content I have mentioned above and AWD for sure
  • 5* Iceman R1 > R2: I think he could be helpful in Master event quests, challanges, exploring Act 4 and maybe at the begining of Ac5. Beside that I could also put him in AW defense
  • 4* Wolverine R3 > R4: as above but Iceman could be more useful at all
  • 4* Black Panther CW (sig 20) R2 > R4: I don't like him and don't like to rank up any champs only for AWD but he's duped and I have got lot of skill ISOs which I can throw at him or 3* Blade)


  • LordScatsburyLordScatsbury Posts: 164
    Iceman is the best choice , he is all around great and you should really consider ranking him up
  • LittleYinYinLittleYinYin Posts: 69
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    Ice man .. you need him at act 5 to tank L3
  • m4ciekkm4ciekk Posts: 86
    Iceman was my second choice. I'm lack of t1a and don't have enough ISO I guess. That's why I think about Mephisto at first and Iceman after him.

    I have got:
    4x T4BC
    2x T1A

    I can get ~800 glory after next SA (have 300 right now) so I could get 1x t4bc and maybe 2x t1a but it's still not enough to R2 Iceman.
  • LordScatsburyLordScatsbury Posts: 164
    If you have a 5 star and 4 star iceman , rank them both up to R2 and R4 , it would be extremely easy. Take a look at my profile in game , i have completed 5.1 with only 440 4 stars and one 550 four star. One thing i can say is take up
  • LordScatsburyLordScatsbury Posts: 164
    Take up an Non Physical Attacker for the physical resistance karnak in 5.1.5
  • m4ciekkm4ciekk Posts: 86
    I don't know how it could be possible but I got them (4* and 5*) in the last week. Is it really worth to R4 4* Iceman when I have got a 5* version of him?

    I will take a look. Thanks :)
  • Thunder5715Thunder5715 Posts: 98
    1st iceman 5*. He is good everywhere. That ice armor helps so much in act 5 so does the immunity.
    2nd ghost rider. Use your mystic ISO on him much better option than mephisto.
    3rd wolverine. Upgrade and shift him to aq attack.
    4th gwenpool. Again for quests. Really helpful against power shield or safeguard nodes.

    If you still don't get other options by the time you are done upgrading these. You can go for mephisto, nebula, red hulk and 4* iceman
  • m4ciekkm4ciekk Posts: 86
    I'm not talking about R5 because I don't even have more than 1 any of the t4cc. GR, GP, RH, Nebula are R4 right now.
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