Ironman Refresh Idea

Passive: Stark AI
For every hit in the combo meter of Ironman or his opponent, increase Ironman's ability potency and attack rating by 2%. Maxes out at 30 hits. (60% increase)

Passive: EMP Burst
Idling for 1 second triggeres an EMP Burst draining 33% of the opponent's max power. Cooldown of 18 seconds.

Adaptive Armour
Gain upto 3.
30% chance to gain 1 adaptive armour up buff when struck by a critical hit.
70% to gain 1 when the opponent actives a special attack
Each provides 12% critical resistance, armour rating and special attack resistance.
All fall off when struck by a special attack.

SP1: Lasers: Bleed the opponent dealing 40% attack rating over 4 seconds. (2 bleeds)
Lasers can penetrate through the opponent's blocks. (Bleed can activate through the block)

SP2: Armour break the opponent reducing enemy armour by 50%.

SP3: Consume all adaptive armour up buffs and regenerate 3.5% max health per buff consumed.

Signature Ability

For every hit on his or the opponent's combo meter, Ironman reduces their attack rating and ability potency by 2%. Maxes out at 30 hits. (60% decrease)
Additionally, the cooldown timer on EMP burst instantly ends if the opponent crosses 90% max power.

Gain additional critical rating base on the combo meter.
Gain additional perfect block chance based on adaptive armour.
Reduce EMP burst cooldown by 6 seconds.

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  • moonmebabymoonmebaby Posts: 41
    a lot of work went into that. I dont know about your specifics but I do agree Iron Man needs a boost...Hes super high tech in the marvel universe but really terrible in this game...

    How about this for an SP1

    You know how Stark gets poises? Well Ironman should get something similiar... either by parry, or by armor gainr by holding block for 2 seconds grants an armor... sp1 instead of a laser shoots off one of iron mans mini missles... For each armor on the user gets concussion lowering ability accuracy for x%
  • moonmebabymoonmebaby Posts: 41
    For each stack of concussion, iron man gains an increased attack as well in the form of increased citical damage, or straight attack damage...

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