Ability Accuracy Decrease Effectiveness

Hey Kabam, can you look into ability accuracy effectiveness against evasion. Idk why but it seems to be nonexistent for me. I used Archangel and put 6 neurotoxins on Spidey and he still evaded. I used Mephisto against Nightcrawler and he still evaded. And I had Crossbones with 9 fury consistently for about 30 seconds and Spidey was still evading me. Not as often, mind you, but he shouldn’t have been at all.


  • LordNegrotronLordNegrotron Posts: 241
    Also Yondu’s description says he boosts his own ability accuracy, but in my experience, he seems to decrease his opponents instead (i.e. parries do not stun him and 100% guaranteed debuffs do not activate on him).
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