Free gifting Bade : The Upsides and Downsides

Hey Guys, Hope your having a good day, Becasue Today I want to entrust my thoughts on the free gifting badge During the lunar new year event
So First off, the Permeant Gifting badge is only availble to players who have reached level 40, and need to buy at least 30$ Worth of units. (Mr.obvious) But This free gifting badge, Becomes availble thru a players inbox which starts a crazy spam. Ppl in global will say to trade envelops, or trade premuims, or potions, mastery cores, etc. But The scam here is Very Bad, There is no way to be sure if the player has 8 enevlops to trade, Even if your intentions are clear. My point is, Why the hell is kabam puting the fre gifting badge again, if people got scammed already for Christmas with the Greater Gifting crystals? I mean this is a bad idea that i hope wont happen again.

Thanks for listening Kabam, and summoners.


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