Changes to AW Matchmaking

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So after a well known alliance made a post about the current state of matchmaking and missing wars because their rating was too high, Kabam tweaked the way we match up with opponents now. I get the fact that alliances should not wait hours to match with someone, and no alliance should be forced into 2 wars a week... but our alliance is a 3000 rated team, we have only been matched up with 3500+ alliances the last 5 wars, where is the balance in matchmaking?

The alliances that are 3500+ should all be matched up with each other more regularly, let them duke it out for top spot. We are facing the same alliance twice in the same week, who pilots their way to an undefeated record this season.. we went from regularly matching up with alliances 3000 - 3300 AW rating which is more than fair, we win the wars we are supposed to, and lose the ones we are supposed to, no complaints.

Constantly getting matched up with the top 5 AW teams is a joke, you should disclose the tweaks you made to the matchmaking system, because by the looks of it, you just altered the algorithm to benefit the top alliances so they will steamroll their way into Master 1, 2 & 3 rewards by facing alliances way lower than them. Tired of seeing +115/-15 matches, it can't be "bad luck" that we have had 5 mismatches in a row, very shady. @Kabam Miike @Ad0ra_


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