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    @Blax4ever that was going to be a weird quote error so I just deleted it and will just tag you.

    I'm trying to understand your train of thought a little more. You're saying the game depends more on having god-tier champs than skill does. i.e. You could have a **** maxed 5*, and the god tier 4* would be more helpful in clearing content. Maybe not always, but sometimes. Your post though was about "god tier" champs changing depending on content. I can absolutely agree with that and be on board with it. But then you say we need to convince kabam to develop content that would highlight different champs. I guess this is what I'm stuck on now. "different champs become god tier" then "we need to convince kabam to use other champs."

    what I was saying, was, to your original post, if "god tier" changes, the constant is the player's skill. Some god tiers, (I would like to consider GR and Dr. Voodoo for this post) I would argue takes knowledge and skill and understand and use effectively, as well as sometimes understanding why a god tier becomes a god tier. If I told a noob that sym spidey was god tier, well, what makes him god tier? the ability to armor break and understanding why armor break works on him.

    I would argue the only ever true god tier that didn't have a content restriction was pre 12.0 SW and I'm slightly happy she's gone, but miss her at the same time. Kind of like a crazy ex.

    P.S. I like having these convo's. great info and discussion for everyone
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    God tier/ Demi-God tier champs

    100% agree with pre 12.0 SWitch same with Thor and a few others. No Champ in the current game is any where near them.

    But Skill in this game is really evaluated by your ability to evade specials. Having a 5* Champ with 3x the Attack power of 4* Champ and 2x the HP isn’t really a skill.

    Sorry to all of the people chiming in with stacked 5* rosters clearing end game content, that’s not an indication of skill, it’s just RNG Luck

    For the record I love seeing your duped 5* champs beating the Collector, Ultron, Maestro etc but the players doing it with 4* champs impress me more.

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