Something Broken

After the new update something in the gameplay broke. Firstly at the beginning of the fight the camera glitches than fixes itself last second.

2. Parry timing has definitely been messed with. Parries that I always used to make don’t connect anymore and I’ll either take 300 block damage or it won’t even register block and I will take a 5 hit combo. I’ve experienced this across all aspects of the game, and this is really starting to have an effect on my alliance as a whole.
3. I dunno why, but the ai just turned so passive. I can’t fight stun immune nodes anymore because they won’t dash at me so I can intercept. And if they do somehow I get hit anyways. Every game mechanic feels really wonky and off.

It seems with every update that is rolled out we get a whole slew of problems. I’m hoping these are fixed fast.


  • Crilla420Crilla420 Posts: 95
    This has been going on way before this update.
  • Awesome LOL
    This has been going on way before this update.
    I agree
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