Dr voodoo power burn

Was the issue with power burn not dealing damage solved? Cause it takes for ages to defeat enemies without that power burn damage on voodoo


  • GrimmbearGrimmbear Posts: 639 ★★★
    Yes, it was reported as solved
  • FlinxFlinx Posts: 14
    I've had the same problem in the last couple of days. S2 on even combo no power burn

    Certainly not solved :)

  • sfu_koraxsfu_korax Posts: 236
    I think it was, everything works fine for me now...
  • Darthmalice66Darthmalice66 Posts: 128
    Same problem going to have to bench mine for a bit.
  • FlinxFlinx Posts: 14
    Update, It's been working for now in the Modoks lab. I'm not sure if its 100% working again or just for some opponents. Last time it failed was with Kamala in event quest.
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