Need 1 after War

6+ million Alliance looking for active player with a rating of 100k or better and map 5 experience who want a relax place to play and just have fun. Family like atmosphere - very supportive. Looking to replace a guy stepping away from the game to get married and focus on work/life. Alliance chats are clean and respect is a core value in our team. Real Life comes before the game. CHQ App required. High on fun, low on stress.

Currently Tier 8 in AW and 3760 Prestige Rating in AQ. We are running 55333 in AQ.

Reach out to MaximumCrash in game or MaximumCrash#kGZx in CHQ or maximumcrash2 on Line!


  • MaximumCrashMaximumCrash Posts: 111
    Looking for 2 now.Moved back into Tier 7 and silver of Seasons but only going up from there.
  • MaximumCrashMaximumCrash Posts: 111
    Found one but still looking for one more. Look me up!
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