Different profile avatars?

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When I look at my profile I see Iron Fist as my main champ and Avatar, but I just found out that when other people look at my profile they see Hulk as my main and and Avatar. Along with this I see Gwenpool in my top 4, but everyone else sees Star Lord in my top 4. Is this something common or a bug?

What I see:

What everyone else sees (screenshot given by one of my alliance members):


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    Come on guys! Both of them are working on a 12-hour shift, what else do you expect? 24-hour shift without rest? That is an absolute slavery! In fact, even a 12-hour shift without extra O.T. claim or compensation may already violate some labour law in some countries.

    Haha, just kidding, LOL. In all seriousness, this is how it is, regarding the rating we see affected by certain mastery, but I suppose others see our champ may not have the mastery effect added. For my case, when I see myself, it is the 5* Angela, but when other sees me, it is the 4* Ultron.
  • It’s based off of prestige
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,775 ★★★★
    Mines the same.
    I see it as 4/55 SL, 4/55 MODOK, 5/50 Voodoo, 5/50 Medusa

    Others see 4/55 MODOK, 4/55 SL, 5/50 Voodoo and 5/50 Ghost Rider
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