Iron man

i notice sentinel is better than iron man in terms of passive and ability, how could this possible since iron man is symbolic to marvel but the hero itself garbage in this game.

please upgrade him


  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,419 ★★★★
    edited March 2018
    Hulk Buster is the better version of War Machine
    Iron Patriot is the better version of Hulk Buster
    Iron man is the better version of Iron Patriot (without the stupid arc-overload side effect)
    Superior Iron man is the better version of Iron Man
    Now, Sentinel is the better version of them all ......

    I'm leaving Ultron out of this comparison

    Looks like there will always be superior version, and inferior version of these robotic families
    But looks like the robots from the FUTURE is more superior than the Playboy genius of current century ...

    Oh wait, someone said there's no God tier or Bad champs, just easier or harder to use. It is all down to player's skills!!! Oh, there's no buff needed in this case. If any buff needed, is to buff player's skills. All champs are good for any content in the hands of a skilled players. There's NO reason not to be able to clear any contents, including ROL and LOL with Hulk Buster, War Machine, IP, IM, or even Carnage, Sentry, Spider Gwen, Colossus, and Kamala Khan!....

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