5mil active adult event focused ally 5/5/4/4/3 needs 1

Hi I'm FuBorf (ign) officer for the Beyonder XT [GGBXT] We are recruiting for our 3rd BG to round out our other 29 serious players. We have a lot of players who have been together for months and some years. If you're looking for a well organized, serious ally (adults east coast US based) that is focused on events look no further.

We are currently alternating between AW and AQ focus per week.

About Us/Reqs

- Discord is a must, we have tons of sweet chat bots like a gif puller, you can upload your roster, get champ info, see a schedule of Kabam events and a **** load more.

- Have a team of atleast 120k rating or 11 rank4 4* (or r2 5*)

- we ask for no 0s in events and joining as many AQ/AW as your schedule allows. Obviously we know **** comes up, ppl have families etc we are all adults can work with you.

- monthly donations instead of weekly (you earn them back + interest)


- long term leadership : we have a core group of officers who have been working together to make this a great ally for it's members for a long time.

- boss killers: we got em

If you're interested friend me on Discord @ Fubarf#4465

Here's some proof of concept:


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