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Looking for ally (342k player)

Game name-invinciblepawan
Lvl- 60
Rating- 342k7418330daddr.png

Need map 5 team
Line id: pawanhalder


  • SozubuSozubu Posts: 4
    Just added you in game.
    Lineid: sozubu
  • I’m the leader of a 6.4mil adult alliance looking for an active and dependable member. We do require Line for communication through alliance war. We have some great guys on our team that have worked hard to get us where we are. We are currently Gold 3 in alliance war seasons. We run maps 44433 in AQ. Donations are required weekly to run map4. Please send me an on game friend request or you can contact me on Line.
    My line id is Porkchopcash1.
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