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Want to see something come out of a quest chest besides iso? Come on Kabam! I have to say...over the years I have played many many of the most enjoyable aspects of some is the treasure hunting as you quest (oblivion and skyrim are good examples) why have you made the boxes so flipping boring with virtually no real distinction between box star levels??? You know I have seen many games patched and added onto...always to improve performance and the players experience...I have never seen a game where the changes made were made strictly for removing full energy refills and extending paths to be more than we can removing any and all team restores and We are going to be squeezed for 4 and 5 star shards and about you throw us a bone and lit some t4cc shards, t4 basic shards, 4 and 5 star shards, full energy restores, maybe a sig stone crystal? Can you not get a little creative and less obvious about choking all the goose for every dime it can **** out?


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    The catalyst quests... sometimes... very rarely... have premium crystals in the chest.
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    Really? Never gotten one. I get shards from ambushes on sunday only...but tje chest and the ambushes need made more interesting. They need to loosen and lighten up...their corporate greed has been showing savage hard the last two years...
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    The catalyst quests... sometimes... very rarely... have premium crystals in the chest.

    Never gotten that. The chest are so uneventful when questing. We always know exactly what and even the value of the ISO expected. Would be great if it was randomly higher and class specific.
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    Great post, OP. Agree completely. Giving 75/125 iso at the end stages of the game is inexplicable as well really.
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    Does any1 really care about those quest chests? If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you’ll know they’re just as useless as the quest crystals. Only exception for them (crystals & chests is that the iso given by them can be sold for gold, granted not much, but in the long run selling a lot of those useless pieces of iso add up to a lot of gold).
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    Yeah I care!!!!! That they drop **** while all the real goods end up in crystals for the elite. The stuff should be spread around the game in boxes and as ambush drops (which seem to happen less and less) instead of balancing the game by feeding lower players bits and pieces of the stuff they will need later, they have set it up so there is a giant catch 22 wall between bottom tiers and the top. Can't get what you need to move ahead without what you need to move Odins, strain your empty your supplies, buy more, get frustrated, get angry, force your way through and you seem to enter never never land...where you don't give a **** about what drops...
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    Kabam thinks they have made the game more exciting adding the 6 stars and the various bell and whistle special events (like the lab) but it hasnt added amy excitment!!! It has given us a way to get bonuses...strickly controled and dolled out as kabam sees fit..what would add some excitment is to do something about the predictability. Let's be can't do away with the grinding...but you can make all the grinding more interesting, entertaining, and satisfying by adding totally random drops and increasing ambushes! How much more exciting this game wow be if You hit. A box and it said, "congratulations you just received a new two star" and at the end you find out who, someone not in a crystal...I mean??? WOW! That high paid brain trust and they can't come up with something to revive our desire to grind? Like t4cc shard crystals, and team restores and revives, complete t3cc, the possibilities are endless...and look what we got? Let us find this stuff as we grind, we know everything we are getting before we start (and anymore exactly what you get cause you can predict the box drops and there seem to be almost no ambushes anymore). How would this "delicately balance" "realm" suffer if you or I or anyone else happened to get lucky and get a t2a out of a box once in a while? Is it too complicated for the Kabam design engineers? Or just blinding greed?
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    If Kabam wants to see real "renewed" enthusiasm for this game they should do this! Add good random stuff to the quests. Kick it off buy putting out the regular "new" random drops but for the first one put Thanos in a box. Send.out 500 as one gets opened (randomly) the pool drops to 499 chances remaining...give the game a breath of life!!! Now it feels like working in a coal mine! You could make it a treasure mine without damaging the "balance" or your bottom line.
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    My canary is dying...
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    I think you're overestimating the capabilities of Kabam and their employees.
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    If there was a chance at a 20% revive id be spending a lot more energy.
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    I am afraid of that...
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    That is the point. Nothing would be lost by anyone including Kabam but there would be some surprises and more excitment.
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    The want to give us something to aspire to...Let us aspire to be the one that snags a full t4cc from an ambush, or the one who gets one of a limited number of limited edition champs. Not tier advantage just random for all...he got a two star hero from the box today and I got an alpha from the same box...
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