What champs need to be better?(TOP 5)

1: Carnage
2: Gambit
3: Hela
4: Colossus (and Unstop.)
5: Hulkbuster


  • I'd say magneto and IP also
  • Colossus and UC need what happened to WS and Punisher or Hulk and Abom. No re skinning
  • TruPacTruPac Posts: 4
    Colossus (to be more defensive)
    Carnage (be more stronger, perhaps more bleeds)
    Hulk Buster (have arc overload)
    Netflix Dare Devil (copy and pasted OG Dare Devil?)
    Ms. Marvel (cant tell the difference from Capt. Marvel)
  • SaiyanSaiyan Posts: 307
    Hela? You sure about that inclusion? Clearly you've never seen how lovely she deals with LOL or just content other than AW have you?

    Unst Col has his uses and is much better than normal Col but he can use a buff.

  • Yeah buff my 5* sig 40 HB. He’s useless
  • AkarshAkarsh Posts: 12
    Iron Patriot
  • How are you all forgeting the steaming pile that is deadpool x
  • ImranImran Posts: 212
    Number one should be Magneto
    Others Iron man, Collosus, ant man, carnage
  • SuperChronaSuperChrona Posts: 212
    Yeah kabam when will we see the next getting reworked like red hulk and luke cage. Great job there, but need to show some love to more characters
  • Luke Cage and Rulk got buffed, they aren’t not trash anymore
  • RaaRaa Posts: 285
    Iron Man, IP, SIM
    Carnage, Venom
    Magneto (Both)
    Joe Fixit (seriously fix it)
    Tweak Spidergwen and Venompool

  • colbyscipio987colbyscipio987 Posts: 1,027
    1. she hulk(what can she even do she sucks all around)
    2. spider gwen (useless SP1 and hits so weak)
    3. Colossus(hits so weak and no type offensive attacks)
    4. Hulkbuster (specials are kinda weak and he hits weak, needs a utility buff)
    5. Joe fixit(has great bleed, but no type of damage, his specials are weak. He needs nore buffs)
    Top of my list is She Hulk complete garbage.
  • How are you all forgeting the steaming pile that is deadpool x

    Dpx has great bleeds. There’s far worse champs than him. He’s not even the worst mutant. That goes to magneto who should be at the top. And then some would say gambit is even worse than him
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