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Falcon - "Redwing Recon Bonus" Synergy Needs Rephrased

Falcon has synergy bonuses all including, "...Redwings Recon Bonus" as part of the bonus provided to all champs.

Other champs do not get Recon the ability (phrasing makes it sound like they do). They get "Intel" from Redwing (per in game text).

The text is a little confusing. It actually didnt occur to me that the ability NOT including the word "Recon" was what the synergy was referring to as "Recon Bonus". At first I thought it was a bug.

The current phrasing makes it sound like other champs can do a Recon Scan etc. This would make Falcon a slightly more viable champ to have on a team but if this isn't the implied bonus the Synergy may need to be changed to "Redwings Intel Bonus".

Seriously though adding a Recon Scan to other champs would really help make Falcon more popular. The ability already takes 2 seconds to activate so it's not the quickest thing the pull off. Especially in higher tier Quests/Events.

For now though. Please consider changing the Synergy text to prevent more confusion as I am likely not the only one who misunderstood.


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    Adamdrt2006Adamdrt2006 Posts: 429
    I dont really even know what it does or means
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    CassyCassy Posts: 1,078 ★★★
    its like She Hulk. i dont know what it REALY does.
    Like the Torture Ability from WS in the first place.
    so i dont use it
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    CassyCassy Posts: 1,078 ★★★
    SYNERGY is in Question.

    an no, the character description do not state what it means to other champs.
    since unique synergies are around.
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    CassyCassy Posts: 1,078 ★★★
    You might be so Kind and read the SYNERGIES Tab?

    ist states something of a redwingBonus additional to the fist Effect.
    its unspecific if this Bonus will also take Effect when using BW, Cap etc.
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    Markjv81Markjv81 Posts: 1,019 ★★★★
    The redwing recon bonus is the passive ability posted in the pic above. It makes no difference to BW, cap etc
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    JetenyoJetenyo Posts: 140
    edited March 2018
    I think what I am trying to point out was missed by some of you. I realize I was a bit tangenty in original post...

    Synergies say I have a "Recon" bonus but it doesn't say "Recon" or label itself as such in the picture provided. It just says it's a passive bonus, it could be unrelated.
    The only time "Recon" appears anywhere in text is in another ability that is unique to Falcon.
    The synergies mentioned in the pictured passive (yet again) could be unrelated since it's not actually listed as the Recon bonus, just a bonus.
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