Ironman Infinity War

Signature Ability: AI Upgrade
Reduce the opponents attack rating and ability potency by 2% per hit in the combo meter.
Maxes out at 30 hits.
When the full bonus is achieved get a (10%-80%) to gain a combo shield for 3 seconds when struck by a special attack.
Stark AI
Increase attack rating and ability potency by upto 2% per hit on the combo meter.
Maxes out at 30 hits.
Once the max bonus is reached get +60% critical rating.
EMP Burst
Idling for 1 second releases an EMP Burst draining 30% of the opponent's Max power.
This ability can be activated once every 25 hits.
Adaptive Armor
33% to get 1 when struck by critical hits.
66% to get 1 when the opponent activates a special attack.
Stack up to 3.
Each provides 20% critical resistance and 20% reduced debufd duration.
When struck by special attack, each reduces incoming special damage by 20% and falls off.
SP1 Lasers
Bleed the opponent dealing 80% attack rating over 4 seconds.
Incinerate bleed immune opponents for the same amount.

SP2 Chest repulsor
Armor Break the opponent for 15 seconds, reducing armour rating by 60%.

SP3 : Consume all Adaptive Armor buffs active to regenerate 7% max health per buff consumed. Self Repair is stopped if stunned.

Utility and strengths.

EMP burst is a lot like Sparky's Heavy EMP Web.

His max damage potential is quite high. Bonus crit rating + 60% attack + armor break can deal almost as much damage as sparky.

His signature ability reduces damage from dorm' s degeneration, magik' s limbo, mephisto's aura etc.

His ability potency reduction reduces hyperion's power gain, reduces mystic dispersion power gain etc. by 60%.

His signature ability paired with Stark AI allows him to tank special attacks.


No evade counter mechanic.

Vulnerable to armour break.

Ramp up required.

Depends to a great extent on maintaining your combo.
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