Using dexterity doesn’t work but instead drops your guard.

MinionofGothamMinionofGotham Posts: 17
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There’s been an uncountable amount of times now when I go to use dexterity but instead of dodging backwards my champ just stops blocking. Most of the time it’s causes me to get comboed. Usually to a KO when fighting champs in act5/modoks lab. There’s got to be a way to fix this problem. I’m sure it makes kabam loads of money tho so probably not.


  • I’m not trying to say I’m unbeatable or the greatest player ever. But these little glitches like this are what 9 times outta 10 cause me to die. One of the worst ones was during the black panther update I would press my special button and exactly at that time the AI would press its special button and I wouldn’t be blocking bc I’m trying to press the special. And I would get struck by a special.
  • silverseraphsilverseraph Posts: 133
    you are not alone! dexterity is such an integral part of the game that they respectfully need to listen to people who play the game and hopefully fix it. It shouldnt be a roll of the dice if it works or parry or whatever input we need to use.
    Is there anything else you need from us besides our devices specs and nodes and all that? It seems to reach far beyond that, or were just being given the run-around by underfunded techs or lazy people? Let us know if you need anything else, I am listening intently @Kabam.
  • Myxkidz77Myxkidz77 Posts: 78
    They really don’t care I've been complaining about dexterity for two years. So if your an iOS user good luck if you don’t have the brand new phone then you have to suffer!
  • FatherSuperiorFatherSuperior Posts: 6
    Agree I’ve had the same problem with my champs dropping block or I go to evade and they just freeze. I’ve also had champs randomly throwing heavies and times were I’ve had to hit my special 4-5 times for it to register. All since recent update.
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