Join our Brand and Become a Part of a Family

^^ The last recruit getting the Black Lotus tattoo as a part of initiation^^

Black Lotus is a 6mil Alliance that is growing rapidly. We use LINE to communicate and love to have fun. Black Lotus members understand that MCOC is just a game, but we all are competitive, active and want to progress.

Black Lotus is currently running AQ maps 43332 or similar. We complete all 3 bgs at 100%. We are progressing into harder AQ maps and want to continue to grow. We run 2 bg wars so we can rotate players and people don't burn out with so many activities at the same time. We are on the border of Gold 3 and Silver 1 for wars and our goal is to be Gold 2 by seasons end.

If you are looking for an active alliance that is pushing to grow, look no further

We are seeking players with approx. 150k ratings and higher to help us progress to that next level. Send me a message on the LINE app @ Trotster for more information or to apply.


  • Best alliance I've been apart of
  • I've only been a member of BL for a short time but they've been welcoming and friendly. Were advancing quickly and rising through the ranks, come and join us! :)
  • Send me a message on the LINE app @ Trotster or post your information on this thread
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