UPDATE: A new Hotfix (v32.2.3) is now being released to address this issue. Please keep an eye on your App Store for this update to address the below issue.

We are currently experiencing an Error when Summoners view a Champion’s Synergies while in the Champion Selection screen in Arenas and Duels. We are aware of this issue and are working on a Hotfix to address it. In the meantime, please avoid using the synergy menu to prevent this error and crash. We apologize for this inconvenience. Updates will be posted here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/293506/error-when-looking-at-synergies-from-champion-selection-screen

Game is banned in UAE (gulf) after the update? [Under Investigation]



  • KisHinKisHin Posts: 45
    I bought this to their attention since the past 2 weeks that it’s isnr working in Dubai was given a few steps like to delete the game off the phone and re install and the issue is still there

    Was told it has been informed to a their senior technical team but still not resolved
  • Can you please resolve this issue already its really hurting our performance and alliance not being able to log in for wars and aqs in time, I usually do all the events that are 12-24 hours (not daily) and barely did only 2 of Modoks event and no arena because of this issue.
    What is happening with you guys? Can we have an update?

    Location: Dubai
    ISP: Etisalat
  • ShaGaGyShaGaGy Posts: 73
    still facing difficulties in logging in @Kabam Zibiit ... how much longer ? any ideas ? its been almost a month now :(
  • RoonKhanRoonKhan Posts: 40
    edited March 2018
    I got a reply from kabam bruno that this issue is not in their domain and we need to talk to Etisalat

    I reached Etisalat and they said they have no intentions to block any legal game in AppStore and we should contact Apple

    But the same issue was fixed when kabam released Tmobile update,can kabam helps us again?or its the better idea to contact apple ?
    I am so much missing around as cant do arena quests, @Kabam Zibiit vpn is not legal in UAE
  • KisHinKisHin Posts: 45
    It’s a issue on their end not ours
    Got a email that the matter has been escalated to the senior technical team of kabam but been over 1 week and no solution

    Keep on raising tickets but same response and no solution and same questions as well

    No idea what to do

    It’s not even about compensation anymore but rather being able to play when we want too
  • ShaGaGyShaGaGy Posts: 73
    KisHin wrote: »
    It’s not even about compensation anymore but rather being able to play when we want too

    lol thats definitely right ... I was upset I missed few arena ranks the first day it started ... now I just want to play.. especially with the boss rush added ... @Kabam Zibiit don't you feel sad when everyone is enjoying the game while you can only look at their accomplishments in group chat ?

    im very sad that this is not getting enough attention to be resolved quickly .. I know it cost a lot to do maintenance and stuff but its not fair to be unable to play mcoc like everyone else. :(
  • Clinton2111Clinton2111 Posts: 130
    KisHin wrote: »
    It’s not even about compensation anymore but rather being able to play when we want too

    This is so true. @Kabam Zibiit we just want to play. No compensation anything. You guys did it once by releasing a patch in 3-4 days when T-mobile had an issue and it worked for us as well and here we have been having this issue for close to a month and it looks like its going to be the same issue for more time to come (I hope I'm wrong here). We just want to come home and be able to log in and play whenever we get some time and not when and not sit there and keep restarting the game or keep pressing the reconnect button when it times out.
  • Hey everyone, thanks for being patient and working with us to help gather information on this issue. Based on the results we've got back from you all, it appears that the issue stems from the connection quality with Etisalat, which, unfortunately, isn't something we're able to address on our end. We would suggest trying to get in contact with Etisalat in order to see what troubleshooting steps they have available. Thanks again for working with us while we worked to get to the bottom of this issue.
  • ShaGaGyShaGaGy Posts: 73
    Im very sorry to read your reply @Kabam Zibiit ... all of us said it was the same issue with T-mobile
    But i guess since we are not the majority you wont have to invent a solution
    By the way .. other games like clash of clans or marvel future fight runs as smooth as it can be so the problem is not with Etisalat its with you and it started when T-mobile problem started
    Then u solved it after T-mobile problem and few days later the problem hit us again and there are few threads in the forum complaining about bad connection but you never even cared to merge those threads and find a solution because trust me they are all related ..

    All i can say is the maybe the new update will fix the game by itself or maybe there will be a big problem that affect the majority and then you will be forced to find a solution.

    Im really upset and sad and i hope you experience what we are experiencing and know how much it will upset you.
  • KisHinKisHin Posts: 45
    @kabam zibiit checked with Etisalat and our other telco DU and everything is ok on their end they have to reasons to block the game for any reason what so ever plus everything else works fine apps browsing streaming anything and everything related to the internet on a phone or tab besides the game it’s only this game all other marvel games seem to be working fine even watching marvel content
  • KisHinKisHin Posts: 45
    @Kabam Zibiit as a gaming company perhaps be best if y’all could check with them seeing as you are pretty sure it is from our telco end and not your servers as to why our telcos are creating issues with your game as I am pretty it is illegal for them to do so without informing y’all and also in your best interest since y’all def don’t wanna loose a customer base unless the UAE customers ain’t important!

    I prefer getting a answer like I am from the other kabam staff contacting me informing me that they are trying to resolve the issue(which is atleast showing me someone is doing some effort)rather then dumping it on a telco of a country!
  • Clinton2111Clinton2111 Posts: 130
    @Kabam Zibiit we would really appreciate it if you could update us on this. Especially with the new events and rifts coming up, an issue like this could really hinder our progress and it doesn't seem fair to us
  • RoonKhanRoonKhan Posts: 40
    I am so disappointed ATM as game lags alot on vpn and on normal home internet its not connecting, with these close aw especially when we are down to last 2 weeks of aw season 1.
    I contacted Etisalat twice and got the same answer “they are bot blocking MCOC “ ,
    Can we all reach out apple? And inform them about the gulf region issue ? May be they can help as there is big NO from ETISALAT and Kabam
  • KisHinKisHin Posts: 45
    Bro it’s not from Apple or Etisalat or even du
    Kabam has reached out to me to do some steps as they are trying to find out the issue(been having the issue since beginning March)
    Waiting for their feed back now

    Fingers cross it works out
  • Clinton2111Clinton2111 Posts: 130
    @RoonKhan I know exactly what you're saying. But there is nothing we can do except hope that this gets resolved with the next update
  • ShaGaGyShaGaGy Posts: 73
    @Kabam Miike
    @Kabam Wolf
    @Kabam Vydious
    @Kabam Loto
    @Kabam Zibiit

    Do you want me mention you guys everytime i try to log in and it doesnt work?
    Or do you want me to create a thread everytime the game disconnects?
    Or you want me to do a youtube channel to talk all about it so you believe us ?

    Why cant you believe us
    Why cant you figure out a solution to us
    The game is on “editior’s choice” in the apple store for god sake !
    How can a big game like yourself ignore its players ?
    guys you have helped me in every single problem i faced in my mcoc life
    Its been 3 years

    Now u cant solve this problem ?
    If we would ask for a compensation then 10 5* crystals wont be enough for all the frustration and anger that you bave caused us
    Im literally begging you guys to solve it
    If i got a kick fromxmy allinace then who should i blame ?
    Myself for not sharing my account details ?
    Do you encourage that ? Do you want me to share my login info with my officers ?
    Even if you do, i dont !!!
    I hate having someone playing for me because i love the game and i love to play it
    If you cant hear me then tell me what should i do so you can hear me ?

    Im tired of this problem and its a silly problem
    Just refresh our accounts in your database maybe our accounts are glitching by mistake maybe theres an actual problem and you need to fix it
    I dont know
    Im not a programmer ... but im a customer and im requesting respectfully to hear me out and find a solution for me
    Because im truly tired of having this issue 5 times a day or more !!

  • Clinton2111Clinton2111 Posts: 130
    @ShaGaGy is right. And this issue started as soon as we updated at the end of Feb. I don't think everyone in the UAE updated and something changed on Etisalat side at the very same moment right? The odds of that happening are even lower than pulling a 5star from your GMC's. As someone above already said just cause we are a handful you seem to ignore this, But when T Mobile went down a patch was released asap right? How is that fair? We don't want any compensation, We just want this game to work as its supposed to. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit
  • RoonKhanRoonKhan Posts: 40
    Agreed @ShaGaGy
  • KisHinKisHin Posts: 45
  • WhiteBishopWhiteBishop Posts: 28
    edited March 2018
    @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Loto @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit
    I don't think the issue is on our end or for that matter with Etisalat or Du. I was recently on a prepaid data from Etisalat, the cheapest one which I renew on a daily basis. Since it is cheap, it is the slowest. Now, after the update around December last year, I am sure as hell that I can't connect anymore using that cheapest package. I immediately purchased another data bundle which allowed me to login so I decided to get the postpaid plan. It temporarily solved my problem. Comes the January/February update, not sure which one, but even on my house wifi I can't connect once I am in the bedroom on peak hours. Same goes for my postpaid plan, signal goes down to two bars the connection error message pops right away. If this problem is my internet/data connection, then why can I stream youtube on both connection once your game goes down? And even my office mate is complaining the same thing, he's with Du on data package. We have tried several devices these past few weeks to check where the problem is but our conclusion is the same. YOUR APP SEEMS TO HAVE A MINIMUM SPEED SET FOR A PROPER CONNECTION.
  • Clinton2111Clinton2111 Posts: 130
    @WhiteBishop it's a good thing you mentioned that. I too noticed something very similar when connecting to certain networks. If I play the game on any network that has a Class A or B IP (in a mall or office internet) the game works flawlessly, But as soon as I connect to my home Wi-FI which assigns a Class C IP, I encounter the said issue. I have sent this in a message to @Kabam Zibiit but there is no response yet.
  • gasmaskdudegasmaskdude Posts: 40
    Having the same issue, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Occasionally restarting the game and switching between Wi-Fi and data helps. But this is definitely on the games end as other games and apps work with no issue. Please patch this as many of us are getting destroyed in AQ and AW cause the game kicks us out and makes us lose health for no reason. This issue popped up after the last update, kindly fix this.
  • ÆrroneousÆrroneous Posts: 85
    We've had some folk in our alliance having issues connecting. One guy talked to apple support for hours with no luck. Then a tech guy from our alliance suggested they logged out of the game center and logged back in, the game connected and haven't had issue since. Worth a try.
  • @Ærroneous It doesn't work.
  • ShaGaGyShaGaGy Posts: 73
    @WhiteBishop it worked two weeks ago
    not anymore..

    @Kabam Zibiit I just got back from college and I need to place my champs in war defense and the game kicked me out ...
    why are you ignoring us ? is there really absolutely nothing you can do as a company ??

    and by the way deleting the app and reinstall it used to work not anymore!!

    @Kabam Zibiit I missed kingpin's arena as well ... thats the 5th champ in a row. !!
    im really upset of this problem
  • RoonKhanRoonKhan Posts: 40
    edited March 2018
    I missed so many Arena and Lost AQ AW fights without any reason,
    Also VPN solution is not free and also no legal in UAE. (Also Game performance on VPN is just bad).
    Imagine waking up in the morning and alliance is waiting you to move and you are trying to restart your router, phone just to get in the game, usually it doesn't allow me to login .

    one more thing i noticed, once i am able to login if i go to check alliance/solo events i get connection error,

    But game works fine on my office network , may be due to same reason @Clinton2111 mentioned.
  • KisHinKisHin Posts: 45
    So fed up of all this BS can’t belive been nearly a month and no fix at all
  • ShaGaGyShaGaGy Posts: 73
    thank you kabam ... thank you for hearing us out !
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Wolf @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Loto

    i had the outmost respect for you guys and I believed you would look into fixing this problem ... but you didn't even care !! now my respect and my believe in you are gone !!


  • RoonKhanRoonKhan Posts: 40
    I think i am gonna quit
  • KisHinKisHin Posts: 45
    Lol I don’t even have that as my loading page and the update isn’t even showing for me
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