5801 Prestige Looking for a new home

My in game name is DeezNuts021, my Line ID is offline1546 is u want to message me and talk about openings.
As in the title, I have 5801 prestige. Top 5 are 4/55 duped Blade and Sparky, 1/25 6 star cable, 3/45 duped doc ock, and 5/50 Medusa, and I have almost 12 t2a in the stash.
I'm currently ranking up some champs for defense - whether that be diversity or strong defenders, depending on what is needed. I very very rarely die in AW, my alliance is currently in around tier 5.
I'm looking for either map 55555 or 65555 in AQ and secure placement in Gold 1 (or better :wink: ) in AW.

Thanks everyone!!! :smiley:


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