5140 Prestige Player Looking for a Map 5x5 Expert Bracket Alliance

My prestige is about 5140, with another set of T2A's for a future 3rd 5* R4. I'm looking for a North American alliance that doesn't have a lot of minimums... I have a full time job, so I need a super chill alliance.


  • BCdiscmanBCdiscman Posts: 348
    We are there but as a 7mil Alliance we may be to small for you. Give us a look if you like:
    Lil' Knightmares [Lil K]
    Line ID: BCdiscman
  • Bigslick631Bigslick631 Posts: 114
    10mil alliance with some minimums, mainly completion, duel and a low 2500k required for PS and AC. Focus on AQ and AW. IF interested hit me up in game or on line...same name.
  • Nemsa_M4nNemsa_M4n Posts: 94
    Let's have a chat and see if we are what you are looking for. IgN the same.
  • Nemsa_M4nNemsa_M4n Posts: 94
    Sorry. Nemsa man
  • lerkdajerklerkdajerk Posts: 33
    give us a look. no minimums. aq, aw focus. same name in game. weekly t4cc
  • arin_arinaarin_arina Posts: 210
    My ally is 10.6M weekly t4cc . With no minimum.
    My line Id: aryiana
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