This is ridiculous how is anyone supposed to run an alliance with a broken chat get it together.


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    called line download
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    Not a chance... they just don't seem to care. Delayed, randomly censored, doesn't post... don't matter to Kabam
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    Yeah guess we will have to start using line. Sucks cause my guys don't like it we rather chat in game during war and AQ its just easier for us. And we get no response its hard running my ally with a broke chat have to exit out and go back in to make sure my guys got my message. Smh
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    And line sucks. People play around on that stupid app more than they play the game. Rather use the chat that's supposed to be used. Line is ridiculous.
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    Fix your chat.
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    Not to mention the Wolverines called "System" that remind us to get our credits from a site that's not Kabam's.
  • CHQ app is built with MCOC in mind. You should look into it if you don't like Line. Chats already set up for General/AW BGs/AQ BGs. Would require everyone to download and create account and the alliance be created in he app but might solve your issue and you can avoid Line if you don't like it that much.
  • Sadly the game chat lacks a great many capabilities that make other apps so much better to use especially when asking alliance members for advice on things like character limit and message history limits are terrible.
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    Yeah don't wanna deal with all that the in game chat is what's supposed to be used id like it to work the way it should all those apps are the same.
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    I downloaded chq just isn't for me.
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    I don't want to have pop ups on my game device and don't want to have to refer to my personal cell to check messages about my game its just a hassle.
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    Thanks for the help though appreciated.
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    I just want to be in game say what I need to tell my guys and keep on playing alot easier than having to check a separate app and having all my guys download it etc. I just want to get my message across and get back to the game. All i want is for them to fix the bug. Don't know how people can have those apps and consistently play the game. I mean you have to get on that app check your message go back to the game when I can just say what I need to and continue playing with in game chat.
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    Appreciate. Your advice though.
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    I can’t type in game it shows up censored or not at all.
    Please fix it. I’ve done hard reset cleared apps not required to free up memory. IPhone 6s
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    Hi all!

    We're aware of this and working on getting it fixed! There is a current thread open on the topic which you can find HERE.
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