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11.5mil alliance. Gold 1 aw. Map 5. Lf 4,800 prestige

[mppt] Elmo and The Gang

Wakka, wakka! It's the muppet show!

Laid back (not lazy) alliance filled with US/Europe split of adults with real lives that play the game properly. The group are very stable - at least 80% have been here over a year.

AQ 5/5. Reasonable donations. AW gold 1. 3 wars/3 groups per week.

With the above itinerary you'll need some depth in your roster - preferably 11-15 4* 5/50 and up to play AQ/AW/Solo in parallel. No minimums in events, although active members mean we always hit everything except arena.

Line required. ‘Eroticelmo’


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    JMushroomJMushroom Posts: 11
    I am a 5000+ prestige member and I think I have to say something about this alliance. The OWNER of this alliance is a jerk. I promised to stay help with AW but he booted me as soon as I finished my path in AW(not mentioned I spent items to help them). If you want to join this alliance, please avoid BG1 cause this man is just so cheap to deal with...They can barely finish map5 and everytime they hit miniboss, everybody in this BG sits back waiting for others to clean the miniboss...No mention about rewards, but he is just not worthy of "friend". The rest 2 BGs are all good players, just avoid joining BG1!
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    You promised to stay with the AW after you said you sold your account. Pretty sure selling your account is against the terms and conditions.
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