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The team have found the source of the issue and will be updating with our next build.
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Concerns over 6* unavoidable damage

Hi, I'd like to raise my concerns over 6* scaling and unavoidable damage.
I recently had a duped 6* Dormammu as the boss in a MODOK quest.
His degen was approx 8k after boosts for each dexterity buff expiration. This seems excessive given a 5* rank 4 is about 24k health. I died A LOT taking blocked hits rather than being able to evade. (I understand blade is the answer to negate this particular issue but mine was locked away in war at the time). Also I get it that hulk rag etc and hopefully lots of the new characters being added will be solutions but it does leave approx 100 older characters defunct.
If kabam would remove the crit buff from dexterity it would solve both MD and Dorm problems, but not solve other degen issues like highly boosted iceman coldsnap.
I am concerned that ranked up 6*s unavoidable damage (for instance if their identity is hidden in AW in the future) are gonna be insta-kills for 99% of attackers as attack scales higher than health as characters rank get higher.
How about fun and interactive unavoidable damage per proc is limited to 15% of max health or something similar rather than just a flat damage number? If not that, maybe damage is not boosted by attack node boosts?
Or anyone get any better ideas?
As I'm sure everyone will testify a degen death is always a miserable experience.
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