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The Hood staying invisible throughout the fight [Closed]

Al2QAl2Q Posts: 66
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As the title says, The Hood is staying invisible throughout the fight once he activates it.
This problem has been occurring in AQ as well as in Arena.
In the picture attached its clearly visible that even after the timer has expired the hood remains invisible.
I am using the latest version of Game and iOS on an iphone6.
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  • MrAntiMrAnti Posts: 8
    I've heard it is just a visual glitch
  • Yes, here's an Imgur album I created showing the same thing. I tried to post on the old forums, but it never let me post there. https://imgur.com/a/bizyv
  • Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
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    Hey Op, sorry you're seeing this issue with Hood staying invisible. The team believes that they have a fix together for this issue, and are continuing to test it until it is ready for release. This is also a known issue which you can find on the Known Issue master post here. Hope this information helps!
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