Ur Modok lab event needs a overhaul.....ur AI cheats too much!

Your AI cheats WAY too much and ruins any type of skill involved. It is already bad enough how unbalanced the difficulty skews. Easy and Medium are jokes, Hard is more like medium and Expert skips a few levels and goes straight into Insane. Then on top of that you add BS "random" node combinations that make matches impossible in some scenarios. Bane, Buffet, Permanent Regen....ok I'll reroll......Degen, Auto Bleed and Thorns.....OK no Reroll again, Auto Poison, Auto Bleed, Thorns.....OK reroll again Slashed Tires, Tyranny (I have no Villains) and Thorns. What good is reroll if the nodes still make it impossible to beat? If I reroll I would expect a easier setup just like if I reroll Arena I get easier matchup!

On top this your AI seems to punch through blocks, have done kind of invisible Parry and Stun doesn't work node AND just turtles till it reaches L3 HYPERION I'm talking to you.

Also, I don't remember a node that says a champion can interrupt your special and BLOCK it when it's part of a combo string! What node is that because I don't see it listed ANYWHERE in game?! Watched DP XF, Ronan block my special from 2 different champions multiple times and get killed cus ur AI cheats! Worse Spider Gwen magically punches through my block and also blocks my specials when done inside a combo then counters me with a combo and kills me.....seriously this is bullsh*t.

There is a difference between making a game challenging and making it so ridiculously hard your forced to spend on revives. I am NOT a new player, rather been a Summoner for over 3 years! Your AI needs to function within the parameters and limitations set forth by your game! I don't expect Expert to be easy ...and yes it should be challenging but cannot I expect a champ that isn't on a stun immune node to be stunnable, I expect a well timed block to result in a parry if I have mastery maxed! I expect blocking to do just that BLOCK and prevent my opponent from comboing me into a KO. I expect if I'm doing a special as part of a combo that the special work and computer NOT block it and get a cheap win! Fix your game...stop cheating us using cheap AI and shady game mechanics!

Another thing if I use a reroll that reroll should be permanent as long as I haven't quit the match I'm In. If I switch over to AQ or War when I return the nodes should reflect what they were changed if I used a dice! I refilled to get easier nodes went to go move in AQ went back into event UNKNOWINGLY fighting the match thinking the reroll nodes were in effect when instead it reverted back to original nodes ....BANE, Instant Bleed AND THORNS. I died cus ur game changed to reroll value back......again CHEATING game mechanics. I hope you consider making sure in future u take it into consideration all my concerns. If I'm being completely honest......the Expert tier awards for the above BS is NOT worth the effort or frustration.......please keep this game challenging and innovative BUT also fair!
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