4 Daily Players Needed for Active Alliance

Are you a hardcore player looking to run Map 5 every day and climb the leaderboards rapidly? If so, we aren't for you.

Are you a daily player who simply thinks this is a pretty cool game and isn't worried about getting caught up in the rat race and you're looking for a team of similar players to enjoy the ride with? Then check us out. We are looking for up to 4 solid daily players for a fun and relaxed but competitive and reasonably skilled 2+ yr old alliance.

Adults only
Must use Line app
Daily activity
Semi-Advanced game progression. Preferably Act 4/RTL/LOL complete.
Weekly War (Silver 2, Tier 8) - Typically twice per week, 2bg with sign ups, so no pressure to join every time if you have more important things to do.
Daily AQ - Primarily free Maps. Occassional Map 5 runs based on team needs and availability.
No donation requirements.
SA, Item Use are focused events.


Add me on Line (ID: brewswayne) or in game (ID: Brew Swayne) if interested.


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