Just for laugh - when you bring wrong blade to AW 😂😂


  • mahanmaxmahanmax Posts: 87
    I didn’t realize it in the first min lol
  • Dr_BrownDr_Brown Posts: 200
    oh damn lol
  • Dr_BrownDr_Brown Posts: 200
  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,421
    LOL this indeed happened to various folks in various situations
    Last time someone actually accidentally used the generic awakening gem to dup the "wrong blade" ... ouch!
    I once accidentally brought the "wrong blade" into one of my quest fight (but no harm)
    You accidentally brought the "wrong blade" to AW ....
    LOL, gotta love these "twins" ... :D
  • OmniOmni Posts: 574
    edited March 2018
    Rogue42 wrote: »
    Way to steal from Reddit and not give credit.

    Steal ? It’s the internet there is no stealing on the internet. Go get triggered somewhere else. Life isn’t about posting stuff to get likes, it’s about finding how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

  • Xthea9Xthea9 Posts: 829
    edited March 2018
    Sorry guys ... it’s not my post someone shared, I just find it hilarious so thought I would share in the forum..... it’s just for laugh guys ....

    I just hide the names as it’s against the forum rules
  • KynnyKynny Posts: 104
    zero7 wrote: »
    @Dropfaith you look different

    My.bars turned into a ban so I turned into an alt.

    That's still @Dropfaith approved as im him
  • IanMoone89IanMoone89 Posts: 592
    Kynny wrote: »
    When you just get tired of aq

    **** LC nerf incoming haha
  • FingfangfoomfanesFingfangfoomfanes Posts: 945 ★★★
    Oh no. Not the wrong black dude joke
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