Seeking Map 5 (stay in Expert tier) Alliance

I'm a 400+k rated player, in-game name is WyattEarp. Looking to join a team that completes all 3 BG's during AQ, running Map 5 (whatever combination keeps the team in Expert tier). My current team is struggling to complete all three, & I've been stuck babysitting the BG trying to get guys moving... looking to get away from that & into a team that operates smoothly.

If interested, please post your team name, donation requirements, & a LINE ID and I will reach out. Also post any questions you might have for me!



  • Hey Wyatt!

    Just added you in-game as well, as my LINE privacy is strangely set so that no one can add me. Not sure how to fix it, lol. But my in game name is thewritingwoolf, and my ally tag is D-INC. We are an 11.5mil ally that continually runs 5x5 and AW simultaneously. We are currently tier 5 in Gold 1. One of our long-time members is leaving due to work schedule, so we're looking for one! Would love to learn more about ya. Our weekly donations are: 130k Gold, 12.5k Loyalty, and 30k BC. Please know that we are extremely lenient in terms of helping each other. Our leader's line is CJECKLE--he's the best person to add on LINE (he's also the reason I joined in the first place. I've never had a leader like him).
  • RtomMADRtomMAD Posts: 71
    If you still looking, I have the las Alli you’ll ever need. On Line rtommad for details
  • RtomMADRtomMAD Posts: 71

    Donations minimum is rewards from AQ an AW so we all get the same
  • WyattEarpWyattEarp Posts: 42
    Grippies wrote: »
    Out of curiosity, why no r4 5* at your level? You have all r5 4* as your top four champs.

    Two reasons: I've had the WORST luck pulling 5* champs. Second reason... resources. Like everyone else I'd guess. Couple more t1 alpha's & I'll have a 5* Gwenpool at r4, couple more mystic t4cc & I'll have a magik at r4, one more science t4cc & I'll have Spiderman(c) at r4. So.. the ones worthy of r4 are right there.
  • CarpyCarpy Posts: 70
    Contact me on line at carpy16 as i may have a home for you. Donations are 133k gold, 29k bc, 12.5k loyalty. Run 55555 and sometimes 55554. Stay in expert
  • HershyHershy Posts: 79
    Let me know if still looking. Hershy.deviljin on line. 11.8 mil alliance doing 5x5 AQ and 3 aW/wk
  • InfineosInfineos Posts: 93
    Hey, did you still looking for ally?

    my line id: ardiansusanto88
    our ally: EFL66
    donation: 134k gold, 30k bc, 12.5k loyalties

    we are running 3BG map 5x5, and due some circumstances last week, we currently dropping at advance but next week and forth we will comeback and stay in expert.
    We are organised ally and we put people with closer timezone to their BG to make group move effectively.

    add me in line so we can chat there.
  • I am with [IXF] Inhuman X-Force. We are a 10.8 million alliance. We are looking to replace a few alt accounts and/or a few under performers. We run map 5x5 in expert tier. We have been finishing all 3 BGs 100% for a long while, maybe 6 months? It’s rare if we miss a day. We are more AQ focused but we do run war 3 times a week. We try not to dump a ton of resources into war, but if we are close to a win or taking down a boss, we may. With war, whatever happens, happens.

    Anyway, donations are 100k gold, 30k BC and 5k loyalty. The only thing is that we use Facebook messenger for communication. I use LINE for recruiting. If you’re interested find me in game @ Anakin Sciluk or on LINE @ AnakinSciluk (no space). Thanks
  • Eric987Eric987 Posts: 22
    Look me up in game or on LINE, Eric987. We run 5x5, always expert tier. Should be around 102 million this week. 130k Gold, 29k BC, 12.5k loyalty donations but we do not need gold donations for the next 3 weeks and your first week is free for all donations.
  • elsion rogoff in line.

    donations 135k gold 12.5k loyalty 30k bc
    complete all 3 bgs and usually all 3 war bgs.

    APOCE in game clan tag. we are awesome!
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