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We’re up against a team that didnt place a boss for both groups and only placed a handful of champs in each group scattered. They have a higher war rating than us, I think it was at 2100. What’s the strategy behind this? Is there a chance we could lose to this strategy?


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    The issue is that you only have to defeat one miniboss and move a couple nodes to get the points for the main boss KO. You have to have 100% certainty that your minibosses will survive for it to be a viable defense.

    We've faced a few alliances that did that. One was a deliberate omission as they were trying to drop down a tier. Other times were because an officer was offline and forgot to place (we did that once, it sucked).
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    You still need to focus on not dying in any fights and cleaning the boss node.
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    Thanks for the responses, I think this strategy is something Kabam needs to look at. They didn’t even place mini bosses in one group. And the handful of defenders they did place are 3*’s and most ranked no higher than 4K. It’ll be 100% clear In both groups. There has to be something else behind this, or they just hope the other team didn’t place any defenders...?
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    Hard to say. You get Points for clearing the Boss Node either way, so I'm not sure it's a wise strategy. Could just be inexperienced as well. Hard to say.
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    This is a guaranteed win for your team lol.. no need to reach out to Kabam. You going over empty mini boss nodes guarantees you 240 Attack Bonus points for each and every single empty node. After you reach the empty boss node you also get 20k points for defeating the BG boss. Easy guaranteed win.
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    It sounds like they are losing on purpose which honestly makes no sense in the current version of War. Congrats on easy points and shards. There is no strategy here that I can see.
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    Thank you all for the responses. Just to give more information, it’s tier 4 war. We are in GOLD 1 and they are the lowest silver bracket. I’m confident that we’ll win too, it’s still odd that they would have a 2k war rating by doing wars like this.

    For all I know this could be the first war and most couldn’t join...who knows

    Thanks again
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