5 Strong players looking for a new home to stay for a long time

PotatoJr6PotatoJr6 Posts: 12
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About us:
The 5 of us are friends in real life. We live in Canada.
One of my friend is unable to join my current alliance due to an argument with leader during the recruitment process.
We are skilled and can clear lanes even in AW Tier 4. Time won't be a problem since we are very active.

Add me on Line or in-game if you are interested: PotatoJr6


  • PotatoJr6PotatoJr6 Posts: 12
    Some additional information:
    We are looking for an alliance that do at LEAST 3x5 AQ and AW tier 8
    However, we will consider alliances that are close to it.
  • LabamahamaLabamahama Posts: 7
    Hey I added you on line!
  • LordAn00busLordAn00bus Posts: 14
    Is that map 3 x 5? Just asking bc you seem like you would be interested in map 5. I'll add you on lineapp
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