Player Discussion: 5*, 4*, 3* Arena Leaderboards

I'm not taking a picture or calling any single accounts out in this post... I'm just stating that there are hundreds of accounts in the top spots with the exact same name and different number beside them. I want the community to notice this. There was another thread posted with pictures as proof but it's against the rules to name names or call certain players or accounts out.
I used to play arena but now what is the point when over 300 accounts of the same person get the top rewards? If these accounts are still active for a few more months... as they have already been active for over a year now some of them.. 4* and 5* featured.. well.. Will be pointless to even compete with.

If you are a player confused about what thus post is about.. please check the arena leaderboards in game for 3* storm and the other arenas. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on.

To conclude this post I am restating that I did not call any player or the many many alliances with these players in them out.

Kabam please reply and not delete this. I and the community need to know something will be done about this situation.

If you delete this thread without feedback and discussion we will know as a community where the black market units from gifting ECT. You stand. This is a very serious topic not to be overlooked as it is killing your income as a company.


  • We are aware that there might be something funny going on. We're looking into it right now because we want to ensure that our players are not competing against anybody that is playing illegitimately or unbalancing the game.

    We are not going to comment on an ongoing investigation, and have already said this much in other posts. I know you guys want to know more, but there is nothing more that we can or will share about this right now.
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