Need 1 with min. 4200 prestige to Join 9 mil. Ally

Want organization, well you've found it. We have everything down to a science. Makes everything run smooth with ease. Currently running 5,5,5,2,3 in AQ and AW twice a week, which frees our champs up for content and gives us a couple days off after war. We 100% everything 100% of the time with great communication, organization and teamwork. We've been growing steady while maximizing rewards in Alliance events having easily attainable minimums. I believe your needs will be met at our alliance and the structure would be exactly what your looking for. We do focus on having fun but it isn't fun when the leadership sets you up for failure. Can find our alliance WuTF or my game Id: lodown2008. Let me know if I can answer any other questions. Good luck.
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