Can't connect...AGAIN

Seriously guys, what is going on here? I've lost me streak 3 times thus far going for Carnage. This is getting out of hand. What gives? Half my alliance is dealing with login issues as we speak. Can't get in and getting booted/freezing up. You have GOT to get this under control. Anybody else having these issues??


  • LouieGLouieG Posts: 2
    I had to "Reset all settings" on my iPad, because the touchscreen was not working correctly, and now I cannot login, Kabam gives me a screen that says "cannot connect to network", with Punisher 2099 in the background. So then I downloaded the app on my iPhone from iCloud, and it logged in and I'm able to play on my iPhone now! ... but the iPad still cannot connect, and I've re-downloaded the app about three times. I've checked the password and it is still the same - it worked on the iPhone (and I was able to log into the forums), but I'm not even able to log into the forums on the iPad now. I've also logged out of the Game Center and logged back into the game Center, logged out of iCloud and logged back into iCloud, and I have turned off and on the iPad several times, But I still get the same screen that says "cannot connect to network" on the iPad.
    Any ideas?
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