Come join us in [!XILS] Exiles. Gold 2 AW, Expert AQ SA every week. Reap the rewards we all sow.

No fancy pic, but here is a real quick rundown:

10 Mil Map 5x5 AQ (Elite Tier) Gold 2 AW Tier Needs 2 Players (4600+ Prestige)

Rank Rewards earned with NO Event Minimums required

MUST have a solid roster with enough 4-star R5 champs or equivalent for AQ & AW offense/defense.

Weekly donation: 117K gold | 26K arena | 11K loyalty.

We are an organized group that communicates very well during AQ and AW. Our goal this season is Gold 1 and we just need 2 more reliable members to get us there. If this sounds good to you and you need a new alliance hit me (LINE ID: ooMASERoo) or SonOfTchalla up. Thanks


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