Looking for a few more members before starting AW today.

We have 1 spot available, but I'm able to open up a few more if need be... But we are a War Tier 11 alliance 3.3mil War Rating 1052 Silver 1 (moving into Gold before end of Season for sure)... No donation requirement at this time. Line is required, as we are a very communicating alliance and work hard for 100% in all AQ and AW. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Come join us.

Line ID: bigdaddyrva
IGN: Big Daddy RVa
Alliance Tag: [LØTB]
Alliance Name: ¥ Leaders of the Battlerealm ¥


  • Nashem1321Nashem1321 Posts: 3
    Definitely interested
  • ReggieReggie Posts: 202
    Nashem1321 wrote: »
    Definitely interested

    I couldn't find you on the Line app, but I did find you In-Game... I sent you a request and invitation.
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