Which 5-star champ should I Rank 4?

TonyStarkTonyStark Posts: 348
edited March 2018 in Strategy and Tips
Currently I have no Rank 4 5-star champs.

Which 5-star champ should I Rank 4? 30 votes

Angela (unduped)
Kenny292Mike8mn123dudeUC439vinniegainzxananabananaXFA_RebootedPrimeSaviour_27Thunder5715 8 votes
Ultron (duped)
thetaman23vg2782NikoBravoJones979Vince1976Jim0172ZzzChirpsshchong2ElitehunterNext2Helldfmoore26EmmanuelcoastTony_is_aweaomeAncient__GamerKamGeeMarvel2289 17 votes
Wait for better champ
SevSynAssumedNameTawlishadow_lurker22tharuncyrus 5 votes


  • Marvel2289Marvel2289 Posts: 463 ★★
    Ultron (duped)
    Ultron has so many uses
  • NikoBravoNikoBravo Posts: 337 ★★
    Ultron (duped)
    Ultron is the Swiss Army Knife of the contest. Immune to bleed and poison. Regens twice, absorbs energy attacks, evades, bleeds, and stuns. He's a great choice.
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