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14mill, 55555, tier 4 war alliance needs 1

Hi All,

We have to replace a member ASAP. We are a serious alliance, but a place that is a little more chill than a top pushing alliance.

-AQ is Map 5 daily. We cruise through it, and finish in the top 800.

-AW we are solidly in Gold 1. It's a little hard to make Platinum 3 this late in the game, but when we started, we were tier 6/7 and we are currently tier 4, so we are in a good place to aim for platinum next season if we keep up this pace.

-Events. We don't require grinding. We like to see you put up stuff in item use and completion. Completion we require 15k so we can get easy 5* shards from the rank rewards. Even so, we often get t1a in the grinding events and 6-20% in SA.

-We need players who can hang in an alliance around 5400+ prestige, who are adults, and who want to get stuff done without having to log in 24/7. We care a lot about the game, but have built an alliance where you can also have a personal life. We don't pilot accounts, the officers have lives too so we expect you to show up, and play well. Everyone does their job, and we are all pushing for end game content. US based preferred, but willing to talk to anyone.

Does this sound like you? I'm Campo4 on Line and IGN.


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