AW Eligibility Question

Here's the scenario,

Player is moving from ally A to ally B. He is in a far in ally A but his BG is finished and his champs are free, but the war is still in progress. Ally B is waiting for Player to start a war. If Player moves to ally B and they start matchmaking before ally A finishes their war, will Player be eligible to compete.

Yes, because his champs were free from war when he left, OR
No, because the war was still ongoing in progress, and free champs or not, can't be in two wars at once.


  • GrimmbearGrimmbear Posts: 639 ★★★
    Yes, as the war will be over before placement phase is over. He will miss out on some rewards tho
  • MongooseSuicideMongooseSuicide Posts: 45
    Just so I understand, your saying that if he joins ally B, they start matchmaking, he won't be able to join the war placement for the first few hours while the wars overlap, but when his old ally A's war ends, he will become eligible for ally Bs war despite the war placement phase having been started?

    Can anyone confirm?
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