Power Shield and Vison AOU

Node 35 in Alliance War has power shield. I brought in Vision AOU thinking alright this should be good, do roughly 8k damage with his SP1 should be a real good time.

No, it was not good. Apparently he doesn't benefit from the +400% special damage. This doesn't seem right especially when you can alter how much damage he does with his power burn using other boosts. Maybe I'm wrong, but this wet noodle only has so many uses and this should have been one of them.


  • Kenny292Kenny292 Posts: 536 ★★
    Vision's special attacks don't actually do any damage themselves, they rely solely on bonus direct damage based on the amount of power burned. It's kind of like Red Hulk's bonus damage with heat charges, except Vision's specials only inflict direct damage, not special damage.
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