84k Filthy Casual Seeks Catalysts

My current alliance does Map 2 two or three times a week, but it's super easy and I'm getting to a point where I need catalysts to progress and I need harder maps to get the cats.

I'm in kind of a weird situation because I have a chill job and can be very active during the workday, but I'm also a grad student and non-profit volunteer so my nights and weekends are quite busy. I'm willing to get Line and I can log on to make my moves and contribute, but I can't promise I can be available all the time to coordinate and ****. So I'm looking for one of those "real life comes first" alliances that also does some of the harder content and tries to progress.

Here's my top champs for reference:



  • Sent invite, we put real life first so come join us
  • search Crazyjack719 in game and let me know if you keen. We do mostly map 4 and 3 but are getting to the point where we are able to handle map 5.
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