Summoners, we are aware of some issues currently affecting Dungeons, and possibly other parts of the game. We are working to resolve this as soon as possible, and will address the knock ons when we are sure this is all resolved.

Still no fix for dropping blocks or heavy holds?

Why on earth are the controls to the game still not working properly? Still, when you go to block about 25% of the time the champion drops it's block even while you're still holding block. Heavy attacks that have to be held for them to be effective still are releasing while you are still holding to charge the heavy. Or worse when you go to use your heavy attack your champion does a light attack and just stands there.

It's been 3 months that this has been going on kabam. Why hasn't this been fixed?


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  • Hey everyone, there's already an active discussion about losing control of Champions, located HERE. Please use that thread to review the comments of other players and our team. You can post any questions or concerns you have, and check for updates there also. To help keep the forum tidy, I will now close this thread.
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