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5* Best champ General Use - Rank Up

Sir_BarkleySir_Barkley Posts: 22
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Hello and let's go directly to the thread.

In my opinion there're 3 champs that rule the contest among other god tier champions: Blade, Stark Spidey and Magik
We also have Medusa, Voodoo, Iceman, GR, GP, AA and of course SL. Unsure if Mephisto and Void could enter in this category cause I didn't use them so far.

The gods:
  • Medusa, great for a lot of situations including AW defense, poison immune, ability reduction and over all of that: she hit likes a truck. AQ/LOL/General questing/AW defense and AW attack provided you don't go against a mystic.
  • Voodoo, great for a lot of situations, AQ, AW, general questing, regen, great ability reduction, great against regen nodes/champs when able to apply poison, and also great to have with MD. No immunities. not suitable for LOL. Boss killer depending on the boss.
  • Iceman, also great for a lot of situations, AQ, AW, immune to almost everything, can survive SP3s, ability reduction against evasive champs if not in immune nodes, Not a good option for LOL, nor regen/buffet nodes.
  • GR, a Swiss army knife for a lot of situations, so many abilities and with Blade synergy even a greater champ. AQ/AW/general questing. No LOL.
  • GP is a damage machine, AQ/AW/LOL/whatever ... insane damage, semi power lock, ability accuracy reduction, cannot die from a special.
  • AA, if your foe can bleed and get poisoned, there's no better option. ability accuracy reduction. The best against regen nodes provided they're not immune. But suffers against unstunnable nodes where is not so easy to land a heavy to apply bleeds quickly, and also the best way to deal poison is by blocking, what makes him receive heavy damage against buffed nodes. Also not very useful in the current state of AW where you can't see who are going to be your foes in your path and if they're going to be immune unless they appear in profiles.
  • SL, the King of the contest for so much time, Still undisputed king of LOL, Great for almost whatever, but Mystic nodes in AW cause of MD, or nodes with some particularities like All or nothing, poison/bleed nodes, etc ... Cause he's basically a raw damage beast that can hold damage by blocking and nothing else.

And the superior beings:
  • Magik, great Damage, nullify abilities, the best 5* power control champ in the game, great with and against MD, good AW defender (With so many Blades out there, she is not what she used to be as a defender). Not much more to say about her cause you only need to reach the point of SP2 to get any fight under control.
  • Blade, what can I say that has not been said, awesome damage, power gain when foe bleeds, shrug off debuffs, regen, awesome ability accuracy reductions against mystics and/or villains depending on synergies, insane damage when you reach the point where deep wounds activates, not so good against new champs (Sentinel, Bishop, Sabretooth)
  • SS, Insane damage, auto evade specials, power burn, taunt, stun, (Not going to count ability reduction on SP3 cause I don't see it as very useful), good against regen nodes/champs cause .. did I said Insane damage? AQ/AW/questing/After SL, best option for LOL ... great against new champs (Sentinel, Bishop, Sabretooth) ... but ... glass cannon ...

My rank to take a 5* to rank 5 is:
  1. SS/Blade
  2. Magik
  3. Medusa/Voodoo/Iceman
  4. GP/SL
  5. GR
  6. AA

And after all of this, my question is ... What do you think? SS or Blade to rank 5?
I'm in pain trying to decide for one of them. Lately defenses in AW are not so Mystic/Villain based cause of Blade ... I've only done one run in LOL (Not that I think to do many more in the short term) and my other main 5* champs are Iceman and AA. Last champs released are not Blade friendly but SS, and with so many posts and people using Blade I think that this could become a trend.
I like more fighting with Blade, and problem I have with Spidey is that since I don't have an iPhone 8, nor 7 ... The lag is real even more in AW or against certain champs, and when it starts to kick in, something so easy like the evades to build poises can become in getting caught and get comboed into oblivion.
All that said ... thoughts?

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