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Looking for m2/m3 gold 1 ally

I'm looking for a m2/m3 ally in gold 1 for me and my friend.


You can add me on line for more info, if needed: mfleury


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    Bro would u like to join us we aren't hardcore and we know life comes first map 5 aw seasons gold tier if ur interested u can add me on line gamersupersaiyan or in game I'd gamersupersaiya
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    gamersupersaiyagamersupersaiya Posts: 32
    edited March 2018
    Moderately active players are alright just want u to clear ur paths and no need to be online whole day here
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    mfleurymfleury Posts: 100
    Sorry @gamersupersaiya but not interested. I'm tired of m5/m6.
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    LaRoka_1LaRoka_1 Posts: 3
    How about m4 alliance? Or u might not want to b as active?
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    mfleurymfleury Posts: 100
    Thanks for the offers, already found an ally.
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    Gentlemen, I might be able to help....

    IGN - Cosmic Gazer
    LINE - CosmicGazer
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