Help me out to choose champs for AW

Here's a list of champs I've got:
4*: Iceman (duped), Archangel, Hyperion, Magik, Logan, Classic spider, Quake, Ghost rider, Drax (duped), Gamora, Moon Knight, Classic captain, Kingpin, Black widow, Phoenix, Gambit, Deadpool
5*: Symbiote spider, Colosus

I always include iceman and angel in my attack team. I am still thinking for the last room. Maybe BW, ghost rider or gamora?
For AWD, I always include classic and symbiote spiders, Magik, Hyperion, Quake. However, I am not sure if I am doing okay or not.

Please give me advice!



  • shchong2shchong2 Posts: 2,421 ★★★★
    Assuming I have your champs, I would:

    I would: Pick 1 with double or triple immunity, better with other controls or utilities like power control or regen or etc
    ... in your case Iceman is a good candidate since he has triple immunity and good coldsnap to prevent evade & stuff

    I would: Pick 1 with good power control like magik, HE, Psylocke, Vision AoU, Dormammu, etc
    ... in your case Magik is definitely a great candicate

    I would: Pick 1 with good damage output, be it pure damage or with bleed/poison/combined
    ... in your case, u can pick Hyperion or Archangel ... but Ghost Rider is also a very good all-round champs and reliable/controllable regen

    I could also consider Quake (e.g. Brian Grant likes to bring Quake to AW), or Drax, assuming some of those champs stucked in AQ or Quest

    But since in your case, you are already putting Hyperion and Magik in AWD, then beside Iceman and Archangel, I think Ghost Rider is the best choice among the rest, but since you don't have power control so you'll be busier in baiting SP1/SP2 but should be fine unless you accidentally take too long till time-out (it happened once awhile). BW isn't her old self anymore, more than ever she has not much place except for occasion Quest and mostly Arena.

    Looks like you already bring the best you could to AW and AWD, just keep doing what you did best :) Cheers

    p/s: With those best champs in AW and AWD, who did you bring to AQ and Quest instead, may I ask?
  • hciquasarhciquasar Posts: 3
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    shchong2 wrote: »
    Thank you so much for your advice!!! I will probably use iceman, angel, and ghost rider for AW.
    I would love to use Quake, but I am a really bad pilot, so........ lol I need more practice on Quake.

    For your question, I recently use 4* logan (4/5), 4* gamora (3/5), and 5* colosus (1/5). Actually, I am trying to test different heroes such as 4* drax (duped), 4* classic captain, 3* blade. Any additional suggestion for AQ will be more than welcome!
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