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Hello! After two hours of searching my alliance did not find a war last night. Considering how important AW is in the game at the moment and how many resources we've invested to make sure that we will place well in the season, this is hugely detrimental to our alliance.

I have seen that MMX had similar problems and were compensated. Have others run into similar issues? How did Kabam compensate? I believe this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed before end of season.


  • NevvBNevvB Posts: 287
  • NevvBNevvB Posts: 287
    Missing wars because of a terrible matchmaking system is still possible. Why do allis bother fighting for top places when all it takes is one missed war entirely out of your control to bump you down a whole tier in the top 100 spots?
  • I agree, plus having three wars a week and starting a war immediately after the previous one ends, if it takes several hours to find a match every time, then even if you start matchmaking search as soon as possible, due to the matchmaking system it’s still possible to miss a war and it is not the players fault. You are punishing an alliance for something that they cannot control.

    What I get from all this is if an alliance is in matchmaking for hours and the time hits where matchmaking is cut off, then you are basically saying “our system couldn’t find you a match so you miss out on a war and all the season points that come with it”

    That’s a horrible response to your loyal player base.
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    I 100% agree. It’s kabam who controls the matchmaking algorithm, not the players. If they don’t specify a required time to guarantee a match, how can they possibly justify penalizing us like this.

    This is no different at all from what happened to MMX. We started matchmaking as soon as our last war ended, and we searched for almost 2 hours. Kabam couldn’t match us, because our rating was either way too high, or way too low in comparison to everyone else available. That is exactly the MMX scenario, and any attempt to deny that is complete bs.

    We are well with the cutoff time for matchmaking, and with something as big as AW season on, there is a responsibility on the provider to give every alliance an equal opportunity. If Kabam wants to fix this, they need to have a search window, and the algorithm needs to be forced to find a match within that window. For example:

    An alliance basically has 7 hours to find 3 matches in a week. If the algorithm was set to guarantee a match within 2 hours, then no alliance would ever have grounds to complain about failing to find a match. There would always be at least a 1 hour buffer. Sure, some alliances might get the odd mismatch, but I think everyone would prefer that over a complete loss of all points for that war cycle.

    This current method is deeply flawed, and to screw over an entire alliance (or several), is ridiculous.
  • Any thoughts on this? I know this is happening to others as well.
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