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11.5mil alliance. Gold 1 aw. Map 5. Lf 4,800 prestige

[mppt] Elmo and The Gang

Wakka, wakka! It's the muppet show!

Laid back (not lazy) alliance filled with US/Europe split of adults with real lives that play the game properly. The group are very stable - at least 80% have been here over a year.

AQ 5/5. Reasonable donations.
AW gold 1. 2000 rating. Tier 4.
3 wars/3 groups per week.

With the above itinerary you'll need some depth in your roster - preferably 11-15 4* 5/50 and up to play AQ/AW/Solo in parallel.

No minimums in events, although active members mean we always hit everything except arena.

1 required immediately

Line required. ‘shingbab’
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