Soul Seeker Synergy between Morningstar and Mephisto

Both MS and Mephisto have the unique synergy “Soul Seeker” with one another. Morningstar starts fights with 1 bar of power, and Mephisto gains a soul at the beginning of the fight. My issue is that both champions have an identical synergy, and the synergies do not stack. Therefore, even though it may seem like you get two synergy bonuses when using these champs together, you’re actually only getting one because the other has no additional effect.

I was wondering whether this is intentional or if it’s an oversight. I ask this because there just doesn’t seem to be any logical reason for both champions to have the synergy, so it may have just slipped through the cracks in development.

As a follow-up, if the duplicate synergy is not intended, can one of these two champions get the “Soul Seeker” synergy replaced with something that actually has an effect?

Thank you!


  • It's just a duplicate synergy that neither get any extra benefit from. It has been brought up several times and nothing has changed with it so I assume Kabam is not planning on doing anything about it.
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